Mr. Simon Lakeng, Assistant Commissioner - Highlands Region

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Mr. Simon Lakeng was appointed Assistant Commissioner - Highlands Region in 2020. Mr. Lakeng joined PNGCS on 28th January 1977.  He joing the department through the Correctional Service Officer cadet program in 1997 and has worked his way up over the years to his current designation.  Prior to his appointment as Assistant Commissioner he served as Commanding Officer of Bihute Correctional Institute, Goroka.  Mr. Lakeng has over 20 years of experience in Corrections administration, operations process and procedures.  He currently manages all jails within the Highlands Region of Papua New Guinea.  These jails are; Baisu CI (WESTERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCE), Bui-Eibi CI (SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCE), Mukrumanda CI (ENGA PROVINCE), Bihute CI (EASTERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCE), Bundaira CI (EASTERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCE), Barawagi CI (SIMBU PROVINCE) and Hawa CI (HELA PROVINCE). He is also a member of the Correctional Service Executive Team (CSET).